Industrial Development designed to house AAA companies, with world-class infrastructure, which has abundant workforce plus a great location, due to its proximity to the U.S. border.

Available hectares 95.80 Has Address Carretera Monterrey – Laredo km 23.1, Ciénega de Flores, N.L. Land size 272.95 Has Show map

Available Hectares:

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Well water

Well water service provided directly from the water well. Existing infrastructure already in operation. Well water can be used for production and offices services, is not for human consumption.

Sanitary sewage

Sanitary sewage service provided by a Biological Treatment Plant installed inside the Industrial Park.

Fiber optics

Fiber Optic infrastructure (piping and fibre optic), operated by NH Solutions (Neutral Host) This infrastructure is prepared for all Carriers, the Carrier selected by Client will execute a contract with NH Solutions.

High tension

For the construction of a high tension line, it is required to make a procedure at CENACE (Federal Office that regulates the Electrical service in México), this tramit and construction of the line will take 18-24 months for completion. Our Park has high tension rights on existing lines, an advantage on cost and time.

Mid tension

Service provided by Comision Federal de Electricidad, the electrical supplier. At site we have installed electrical infrastructure in mid tension and kvas availability. Electrical substation 30 MVA.

Treated water

Our Park has Treated Water Service, is only for Industrial Use. This service is provided by Servicios de Agua y Drenaje de Monterrey, I.P.D. (Estate Office that regulates potable water and sanitary sewage in Nuevo León).

Natural gas

Gas infrastructure already in operation on our Park. This service is provided by Compañía Mexicana de Gas and is considered for Manufacturing Companies.


All our parks have controlled access and 24-hour security guards. Security monitoring.